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We believe that caring for the earth goes hand-in-hand with caring for our bodies and hearts. At Goat & Thistle, we hope to re-establish lost connections to healing traditions that were central to the well being of communities here in the South and around the world.

We practice loving stewardship of our land, rebuilding soil in a region historically degraded by intensive chemical-driven farming of cotton and tobacco. On our small family farm, we are growing many of the ingredients that go into our organic herbal tea blends and other herbal products. (Each year, we plan to increase the amount of our ingredients grown right here!) We carefully handcraft salves, tea blends, extracts, and other botanicals to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

We invite you to look around on our website or join us at one of our local farmers’ markets, and to be in touch with any questions or ideas you have.


Plants have a way of popping up where they are needed most.  The protected forest, wetlands, and fields on our farm are the first places we look for inspiration. 
Our temperate to sub-tropical climate also makes the cultivation of a wide variety of herbs possible.  We follow organic standards on our cultivated land and never use herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers anywhere on the farm.  We're working hard to eventually produce most of the herb varieties we need, but where climate or resources prove to be limiting we turn to trusted sellers of certified organic herbs.  We strive to source our herbs from the closest grower, avoiding foreign markets whenever possible.  Browse our fresh & dried herbs.


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Fresh Organic Vegetables Now!

There's nothing like a meal built with healthy veggies and fresh herbs.  We're constantly experimenting with new varieties to share with the local community.    During our introductory spring\summer season availability is limited, but look out for an expanded selection this fall.  View current availability here, or live with the WhatsGood local food app for iphone OR android


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